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What's my Terminal(s)?

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I have been trying (since Feb 28th) to get this together. I got most of my computing devices to run versions of a Terminal. All were successful in fulfilling the requirements I set forth:

1. Running a Bash-like shell.
2. Installing git.
3. Using npm / node.

Here are my five terminals using the Neofetch or the Screenfetch command. Getting them altogether was an adventure. Some of them I had to screenshot and / or copy and paste the output in a text file.

1) My Chromebook: HP 11 G5 EE. Terminal. OS: Gallium (based on Ubuntu 16.04.) Terminal: Tilda. Shell: Bash.


2) My Kindle Fire: 2nd Gen. OS: Fire OS 5.6.x (based on Android 5.1.1.) Terminal: Termux. Shell: Bash.


3) My 2010 iMac running Homebrew. OS: 10.12.6. Terminal: iTerm2. Shell: zsh.


4) My Google Nexus: LG 5X. OS: Android 8.1. Terminal: Termux. Shell: Bash.


5) MY Raspberry Pi: B+. OS: RaspBSD (Based on FreeBSD 11.1.) Terminal: Sakura. Shell: csh.


I still cannot upgrade my iPad as it is on iOS 10.x and is 32-bit. My Linux box has a dead CPU. And then I have countless virtual machines. One could have dozens of Terminals on one device using various OS'es. thank you for reading my first post on DEV

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