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🎂Happy 7th Birthday React - what are you earliest memories?⚛️

iainfreestone profile image Iain Freestone ・1 min read

The initial version of React was released 7 years ago today and its popularity has grown ever since with 150,000 stars, and used in over 3 and a half million repositories hosted on GitHub! 🎉

What is your first memory of using React or what was it that first got you interested in the library?

For me it was watching Dan Abramov's talk titled Hot Reloading with Time Travel at React Europe 2015 on YouTube, it blew my mind! 🤯, to be watching this I must have at least started looking at React but have no memories of it.

Would love to hear yours?


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7 years? damn, time flies.. ;)
you just made me feel out-to-date, using MERN xdd


True, don't worry I still actively maintain a legacy project using ActionScript!