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Day 90 Of #100DaysOfCode: Overfitting and Underfitting

Today, is my 90th day of #100daysofcode and #python learning journey. 29th march pass out by writing blog for project, pushing to the GitHub. Did some some random works.

And at the end of the day grasp knowledge from Datacamp regarding to the topic overfitting and underfitting and train test split. I really take joy with following image recognition code.


# Import necessary modules
from sklearn import datasets
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# Load the digits dataset: digits
digits = datasets.load_digits()
# Print the keys and DESCR of the dataset
# Print the shape of the images and data keys

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# Display digit 1010
plt.imshow(digits.images[1010],, interpolation='nearest')

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Output of above code is,


Day 90 Of #100daysofcode and #Python
Overfitting and Underfitting From #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfCode #DEVCommunity

— Durga Pokharel (@durgacodes) March 29, 2021

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