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Day 4 of 100DaysOfCode: Code to Calculate HCF Of Two Numbers

Today is my 4rth day of coding. Today I gave my time for file handling. I have been so much confused. I am not clear about some concept of it yet. Today I also did some code on function, dictionary in some mathematical problem. I gave some time of mine to the Freecodecamp and Coursera too.
Below is the code of mine for today, which I wrote to find the HCF of two numbers. For this code, I used a function to do the job. At first, I asked the user to input two numbers integer type. Then I find the maximum and minimum of these two numbers. I created an empty list name of CF to store a common factor. I started looping from 1 to the minimum number. Because the possibility of HCF will be from 1 to a minimum among these two numbers. Below is my code.

def higher_common_factor():
    n1 = int(input('enter the number'))
    n2 = int(input('enter the number'))
    m1 = min(n1,n2)
    m2 = max(n1,n2)
    cf = []
    for n in range(1,m1+1):
        if m1 % n == 0 and m2 % n ==0:
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#100DaysOfCode, day4
* Learn about python
* HCF of two numbers
* Learn about python function#Python #CodeNewbie #beginner #functon

โ€” Durga Pokharel (@mathdurga) December 27, 2020

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Michael Otu • Edited

Your program returns the Common Factors of two numbers. A list actually..

enter the number: 135
enter the number: 45
[1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 45]  # the common factors

enter the number: 19
enter the number: 0
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0 is expected.

it should return a number. Use print(f"{max(cf)}")

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Durga Pokharel

Thanks for the suggestion.๐Ÿ™‚

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Nitin Reddy

File handling in Python is actually quite simple.

Look at this example of reading a file in 2 lines of code:

with open('myfile.txt') as myfilereader:
  txt =
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Apart from Python, Ruby is quite easy to learn and is arguably simpler.

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Durga Pokharel

Really? I am learning python to understand code workflow.