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Day 59 Of 100DaysOfCode : More About Algorithm

This is my 59th day of #100daysofcode and #python learning like yesterday today also learned more properties of SQL (subquery inside where, subquery inside from) from datacamp. Also tried to slove assignment in coursera.

Here is a code for fractional knapsack

python code

# from
class FractionalKnapsack:
    def solve(self, weights, values, capacity):
        res = 0
        for pair in sorted(zip(weights, values), key=lambda x: - x[1]/x[0]):
            if not bool(capacity):
            if pair[0] > capacity:
                res += int(pair[1] / (pair[0] / capacity))
                capacity = 0
            elif pair[0] <= capacity:
                res += pair[1]
                capacity -= pair[0]
        return int(res)

ob = FractionalKnapsack()
weights = [20, 50, 30]
values = [60, 100, 120]
capacity = 50
print(ob.solve(weights, values, capacity))
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Possible optimal solution will be,

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Day 59 Of #100DaysOfCode and #Python
* Fractional knapsack #DEVCommunity #womenintech #CodeNewbie

— Durga Pokharel (@mathdurga) February 25, 2021

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