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Day 76 Of 100DaysOfCode: Python BeautifulSoup To Scrape DataCamp Tutorials & Analyze

Hello everyone after taking one day of leave returning to #100daysofcode journey. I hope all of you are doing great. And today is my 76 days of #100daysofcoe and #python learning journey. Like usual day today also spend time learned from the datacamp. I regularly took the courses from datacamp because I have a limited amount of time for accessing courses. I worked some time on my first project( news scrapping).

Due to physical problems, I purchased less time than other days in learning to code. I learned more about the concept of BeautifulShoup using python BeautifulSoup to scrape dataCamp tutorials & analyze.

Day 76 Of #100DaysOfcode and #python
Spend Time In Python BeautifulSoup to scrape DataCamp Tutorials & Analyze#WomenWhoCode #100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #beginner #DEVCommunity

— Durga Pokharel (@mathdurga) March 15, 2021

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