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Ismile Hossain
Ismile Hossain

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Its Dark: A Dark VSCode Theme

Its Dark Theme

From the day I have started to use VSCode several themes are used by me. Among all of those most used ones are Just Black & Snazzy Operator. Its Dark is based on these themes with some changes. Some screenshots are given below to check how its look like. For best view and feel install and start to use it.

👩‍💻 JavaScript
Its Dark (JavaScript)

👩‍💻 TypeScript
Its Dark (TypeScript)

👩‍💻 HTML
Its Dark (HTML)

👩‍💻 CSS
Its Dark (CSS)

👋 Hope you're gonna enjoy this theme.🙂

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No python 😢No Java? Looks cool though

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Ismile Hossain

Both are supported. Thanks 🙂