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What is Advance Threat Protection ?

iamrishirb profile image Rishi Bajpai ・3 min read

We all must have familiar with the term threat protection , but what the Advanced threat protection stands for, is a bit tricky than ever.

Well, advanced threat protection is a category of security solutions that prevents any malwares, DdoS, or any other hacking-based attacks that sneaks into the sensitive information in your system and defend your machine against that.

Advanced threat protection is also known as ATP and it usually comes as a software package or managed services that you get in your server or with your hosting space.
However, it may be differ in approaches and components but most of them uses the same methodologies and includes same combinations of endpoints, email gateways, network devices, malware protection systems and a centralized console for ATP management.

How does ( ATP ) Advanced Threat Protection works ?

Now if you have enough insight about what it is, let’s see how it actually works.
Well, in advanced threat protection mainly three steps are included. To keep your device safe from any mishappenings in advance, as well as also when it’s been a victim of any such malware attack, or any kind of data breach on your system. It provides a three step procedure and that’s how it works.

Early Threat Detection is the step where ATP scans all the incoming ports for an email message or filters all incoming emails for any malicious links in it ( like phishing or malwares etc. ) and protects the system if any such issue is found.
In this way any critical data breach to the system or any other passive attack or any potential threat is detected in advance, before it can harm your device.

Adequate Threat Protection covers your device for any kind of threat if it couldn’t be caught by the early detection technique and it is later on detected on your machine. If any such threat is detected on your device, then it provides your device the ability to defend against that threat very smoothly.

Response is the ability of any Advanced Threat Protection System to mitigate the threats and respond to the security incidents within time.

An ATP services and solution system must follow some guidelines and offer the required components and functions for Comprehensive ATP to achieve these goals.

Who provides Advanced Threat Protection services ?

Enough talking about ATP's working and introduction? Now let’s have a look at the Advanced Threat Protection services and solution platforms which provides a clean and efficient way in our system to follow these guidelines and creates an environment for ATP to work. Like many other options,

Microsoft plays a bigger role here too. Let’s explore these methods and services a bit more.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection by Microsoft
Microsoft’s Office 365 Advanced Threat protection is the lead role in ATP services. Microsoft firstly announced and launched the concept of ATP with its Office 365 package. It safeguards your organization against malicious threats posed by email messages, links (URLs) and collaboration tools.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection suite offers you several benefits and features :
• Threat protection policies
• Reports
• Threat investigation and response capabilities
• Automated investigation and response capabilities
• ATP safe attachments
• ATP safe links
• ATP anti-phishing protection
• Threat trackers
• Attack Simulators
These are the number of features Office 365 provides you. To know about them in detail or purchase on you may visit the Microsoft’s official website.

Comodo's Advanced Threat Protection

Comodo's advanced threat protection provides you a cover over your mailing system and inbox. Its advanced threat protection is integrated on its Dome Suite to protect the users from all major forms of security threats. Also, this special feature allows users to access their files while analysing contents for possible malware detection, thus, resulting to industry growth and effective system security.

To know about what is the Comodo's perfect plan about Advanced threat protection, and anti-spam gateway. You should must visit their official website.

Why use Advanced Threat Protection ?

 ATP can prevent threats before they occur on your machine
 ATP can protect your system from malicious links sent via email
 ATP can help you understand different forms of attacks.

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