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How to Create Certificate Templates

I would like to create a Digital Certificate for event running by our college department.

We will be having 3 dynamic field Name, event participate and Signature of the professor.

We will have static background (if possible event based). How can we create this certificate template using Javascript or any other language.

Deadline to create is 30th June 2020

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Viswaprasath Author

Hi Erick,

Thanks for reply, Ya we had the idea of CSV and getting the input from that and create the whole image each time from scratch so can create for all.

But I thought there should be some optimized way, where we can have Background and say the parts which are editable and in those parts alone we fill up the value and send the output.

I am not sure how to create those editable parts in the image. :(

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Viswaprasath Author

Thanks for quickly building the solution. I ll surely checkout. This ll be much helpful.