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Python Prowess: Day 2

ic1101virgo profile image Anjali Chaturvedi ・1 min read

Funny got to know python has indent sensitivity along with the case sensitivity!

Here is the program to calculate XOR from 1 to n

def xor(n) :
    if n % 4 == 0 : 
        return n 

    if n % 4 == 1 : 
        return 1

    if n % 4 == 2 : 
        return n + 1

    return 0

if __name__ == "__main__" :
    n = 5
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Output - 1
🌼Please comment if you have any suggestions or encouraging words.🌼

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fortniteskinhacker profile image

How hard is it to use python language

iceorfiresite profile image
Ice or Fire

Python is one of the easier languages to learn

ic1101virgo profile image
Anjali Chaturvedi Author

Not so much actually and if you know any other language like C++, Java etc I'll be simpler! Go ahead :P