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Open-Source community and Hactoberfest.

My journey in the tech world started this October with Hactoberfest in action. I was new to opensource and GitHub, even coding.

It was a journey that helped me in several ways. Hactoberfest helped me get familiarize with the opensource community. I worked on a variety of projects from website development in HTML/CSS to React, Django, Flutter, and even backend in NodeJs. And throughout I had my opensource folks having my back, helping me out. I noticed within a few days it was me who was maintaining a project and reviewing.

It was a journey of growth, meeting amazing people, and learning new things. The very essence of open-source is sharing and growing. That is why I am going to work even harder and enjoy along the way!🌸 I feel really grateful to everyone.

Recently I also got my Hactoberfest badge that's why I decided to write this post. 😃

Comments and thoughts are welcomed! Do let me know about your Journey! 🌟


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Vaibhav Khulbe

That's great, good to know how open-source and Hacktoberfest helped you. 😁

Keep it up!

ic1101virgo profile image
Anjali Chaturvedi

Thank you! Will try my best! :)

seema1711 profile image
Seema Saharan

Good to know. Open Source is a great way to learn!

ic1101virgo profile image
Anjali Chaturvedi

Yes, you are so right! Great way to learn and share :)

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