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Ilija Trajkoski
Ilija Trajkoski

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W(AI) now

AI concepts were available since the late 1970 in computer languages. I found out about AI in Java (me-sa Jar-Jar) like 20 years ago and even then there were free libs to support it. Why did it take this much time for AI to gain momentum and to become #1 thing that people lie about in their CVs? Did we needed that much time to grasp the concepts of it? Or was it something completely else. Voice recognition software was commercially available since the late 90s. What's the big deal now, why now is this topic so popular in Software development. Why are people so hyped up about it now. It makes me wonder, maybe we did not have that much knowledge about every one person dead or alive (thanks Facebook), or maybe the algorithms were not sophisticated, or maybe the general public was not interested in Amazon guessing what their Christmas wish is. One can just ponder.

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Alex Miasoiedov

This was caused by economy of computing power. You can run an image, voice and even video recognition even on a cheap mobile phone. The volume and variety of data has also increased.