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Try medium. but while finding people to reach out, do keep these 2 things in mind.
First and most important thing is Mindset I guess. You guys should have the same mindset. After that comes Skillset. Your partner should have different skills than yours.


Yes, I agree with you. May I know how you define mindset. Is that meant the same mind for building particular service or product?

I do not know how to use medium. I just find that medium is very similar to magazine or blogging.

Is there any platform available for seeking partner? I have a very draft idea which create platform for seeking partner for building team for startup or business.


Mindset: It's just ideology, Your point of view to see life, business, and work in general. It's very important that mindset should be same.

On medium you can find many people in startup culture writing their head out. You can then approach people with like minded mindset.

Btw I think there is a platform for that

To expand a bit on the definition of mindset, I think you should discuss and consider someone who has similar views on ethics, what things you value, what should be the startup's ultimate goal, how you are going to handle difficult situations, what conditions would make you give up (planning for failure is more important than we realise), what image you want to project outside and inside the company, and so on.

I totally agree with you. How about someone in different mindset but I need them?

That's not a position I would like to find myself in, but you should discuss the things that you have different opinions on and reach a compromise that's good enough for both sides.

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