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Because I don't just write code - I develop applications.

I open a text editor and I write carefully planned code into it.

Wikipedia, "Software development".

That means that coding is development.

Coding is "typing stuff". Coding is cheap labor. You don't need to have learned anything except typing to be a "coder". That's why I strongly discourage calling software development "coding".

Development includes preparing that stuff, i.e. the algorithms, database models etc. - and then "coding" what you have developed.

I thought programmers are coders and developers who can build an entire application by itself.

All developers are coders. Most coders aren't developers.

I have just few question after all.

  • Is a person of original idea a developer?
  • Is a person collecting requirement a developer?
  • Is a person testing an application a developer?
  • Is a person deigning architecture a developer?
  • Is a person resolving conflict a developer?

Why do you say you are developer?

You know what I mean. πŸ˜‚

code = output // work
development = progress // good or bad

I am a developer! I do the full-stack, so not just write the code for the thing, but create the dependencies etc.


Why a person who create dependencies is β€œdeveloper”

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