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Build a terminal ChatApp using python.

Establishing a successful communication between two or more devices is always a great joy. While I was working on a project I needed to satisfy some requirements. Like, to group certain devices and make communication only between them (chat rooms or group chat). For chatting applications obviously we need a socket protocol. So python has this awesome library called This is a python implementation of Nodejs

So the basic idea is to create a server that handles the client messages and delivers to the targeted client. We'll create a aiohttp server which is asynchronous and solves many problems.

Before we start creating a server. Let's set up the python environment.
The python version which I am using is 3.7.9

It is recommended to use python-3.6.+

Install the following libraries

Now we're good to go.

Let's setup the server first.

What's basically going on here is, we just take an aiohttp server and attach it to a socket-io object. Where there will be a connection upgrade and much more. Let's not get too deep into that. We can also see that every function has a @sio.event decorator. It just helps in executing the respective function according to the emitted event.

Now run the server with the command python
After running it should look something like this.

Alt Text

The URL represents the default route. So that every machine or device on this local network can access the server.

That's it. The server part is done. Now let's move on to creating clients.

Before running clients know your IP Address in Linux it's ifconfig in windows it's ipconfig.

Client codes is shown below.

Client 1

Client 2

So we created 2 clients with names Deadpool and Iron man who belong to the same room called Marvel.

Here the communication happens only in Marvel room. If Deadpool and Iron man are in different rooms the communication is not possible.

So let's test it.
When client codes are executed we can see that server logs the name of clients that are connected.

Alt Text

That's it. You can start typing in the terminal itself and hit enter to send.

Alt Text

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sidvishnoi profile image
Sid Vishnoi

Shameless plug: I did it once with Unix Sockets in C++

GitHub logo sidvishnoi / socket-chat

CLI Chat app using Unix sockets in Python and C++

Chat server and client with CLI using UNIX networking sockets

Preview of C++ version

(Done as a part of extended class assignments)

See the C++ version

A Chat Application using Unix network sockets featuring user authentication, multiple chatrooms and private messaging & terminal based user interface (inspired by IRC).

  • done in Summer 2018, in collaboration with @ShikhaChauhan14
  • has a lot of features!

See the Python version.

  • done in Summer 2017
  • unmaintained

pjcalvo profile image
Pablo Calvo

Hey man. I think you copied twice the server code in the client 1 code.

Awesome post btw

imdhanush profile image

Thanks ! I'll change it

imdhanush profile image

I think you have not saved your current program file. Your code is fine. It's AsyncServer not asyncServer. :)

imdhanush profile image

No problem. What's your python version?

imdhanush profile image

Sure :)

imdhanush profile image

Hmmm. I just tried with python 3.6. It's working fine.
What command did you use to install socketio?