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Let's create a Markdown editor just like

Hey Guys, Let's create a Markdown like website and process the markdown data to html

So In this post We are going to make a editor with a textarea and when you click process the processed html content will appear... !

If you are more of a listening, following along person you can watch the video, where I have done the live demonstration of this web app

And As Always you can always find the whole code in the end section of my posts

So Let's Dive

1) Creating the frontend part

Here we will create a simple index.php file for frontend with a simple form with a textarea and a button

Image description

Here we have given textarea name as textArea and button name as submitData so we can process the data in backend part

This is it for the frontend part.... !

2) Let's write our backend

So for parsing the data we will use parsedown It is written in PHP which is actually 6x faster than normal parsers... So I think this is best for parsing our data

so first will write the following in our terminal or cmd to install packages using composer ( Composer is a dependency management tool for PHP )

$ composer init

And then you can just do enter enter enter enter for whatever it asks....


$ composer require erusev/parsedown

This command will download all the dependencies we need for our web app.

So now let's write the code open up the php tags at the top of your website and import the Parsdown package

Image description

Next we need to get the post data submitted by the user

Image description

at line 5 - We are checking whether the user has clicked the process data button or not

if the condition turns out to be true we instantiate our Parsedown class

and then we get the user submitted data into our $textToParse variable and the show the output using
echo $Parsedown->text($_POST["textArea"]);

Yeahhhhh !! now your web app is ready to test

Open up your terminal and start the server:

$ php -S localhost:8000


Image description


Image description

Thank you for reading this... !


require "./vendor/erusev/parsedown/Parsedown.php";

if(isset($_POST["submitData"])) {
    $Parsedown = new Parsedown();
    $textToParse = $_POST["textArea"];
    echo $Parsedown->text($_POST["textArea"]);

    <form action="" method="POST">
        <textarea name="textArea" id="textArea" cols="80" rows="40"></textarea>
        <button name="submitData">Process Markdown</button>

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Hope you like, share it with your friends too !

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