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Dani Chu
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Why am I here ?

I asked myself this question after reading @madhunimmo's post. And this is my answer...

I have obsessed with the ideas of fractals and energy flows in the structure of our world. I study the writings of Benoit Mandelbrot and try to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

I believe that the ideal mechanism can be built only by being guided by the principles of self-similarity. Take a look around - every day on the way home or to the office we see beautiful trees around us and do not even think that these are fractals. Each branch is essentially a complete tree. This principle is repeated right down to the leaves. This simple law of self-repetition produces such complex things. Isn't that brilliant?

But what do we look deeper? We learn that inside there is a whole network of delivery of nutrients from the root to the leaves, as well as photosynthetic products from the leaves to the root. This network is also arranged according to the fractal law. It is like rivers - small streams flow into rivers, rivers flow into large rivers, and so on all the way to the sea.

These simple and original solutions haunt me, they blow up my brain. For the last two years I have been trying to apply this knowledge in my project.

So why am I here?

I just finished developing the first version of my front-end framework, but I still can't figure out if I'm moving in the right direction.

@fract/core - this is my project and I would be very grateful for any feedback. In the end - maybe I'm wasting my time on it?


P.S. Why are you here?

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Amber Bdr. Kharka

I am here to learn, share and discuss an ideas that is related to web development and being aware about technology.

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I am so glad brother. Your article is so nicely put.

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Dani Chu

Thanks )