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Monolithic vs. Microservice Architecture

When dealing with frontend and backend development, there are many different routes developers can take. With the fast paced world that we call technology, everything is constantly changing. Something new may be developed, and then everyone switches to that component. Web components are a perfect example of this. Monolithic Architecture is another example of this.

So what does Monolithic Architecture mean?

Monolithic Architecture is the old standard design for a software program. This type of architecture is heavy in the development aspects. The problem with this type of architecture is that if someone wanted to update one part of the system, this could effect the whole system. It is tightly coupled together. This makes the system much more challenging to understand and have many side effects to anything that may happen.

What's a Microservice?

A microservice architecture is a new design version for software programs. It uses many different services together (that are loosely coupled) to create the full microservice. This way, if one section or service of the design needs changed or updated, it makes life much easier for the developer. a microservice is better organized along with a performance advantage. By using an API call, each different service is able to communicate perfectly to one another.

What's the deal with this?

In conclusion, a microservice type architecture style is the new way to go. As I stated earlier, it is easier to deal with, it has a higher performance advantage, and there are fewer mistakes to be made. Microservices can also be used inside of different containers. Overall, the microservices are the key to the future

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