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What are the first differences you noticed in GitHub after Microsoft bought it? Post here yours!

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[EDIT] It shows "open in VS" because I have vs installed on my pc, didn't know that lol. I would keep this post for the future when actual changes will appear in github. If you ever notice one just write here a comment.

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Is that screenshot real or conceptual?

I was prepared to come here and say I doubt we'll see any obvious changes any time soon.


It's real for at least a year and a half now. You just gotta have vs to see it.
It came pretty handy when browsing xamarin demos trying to piece together an app.


It's real, you can check it out on GitHub I guess.


For what it's worth, we don't see that on Linux. Just the usual 'HTTPS', the 'Use SSH' link at the top, and the 'Download ZIP' at the bottom. Nice integration for the Windows users, though!


Unless you're seeing something very weird, it's a browser extension you can install as part of Visual Studio Code, and has been available for a while?

Never installed such an extension, as far as I know.


I still see "Open in Desktop" and "Download ZIP". Maybe it specifically recognizes certain project layouts/having VS installed?


One side-effect of the announcement has been some projects have moved from being hosted on GitHub, to being hosted on Atlassian's Bitbucket, GitLab, and BIZX's SourceForge.

Also regarding the announcement, is my own joke that GitHub will be the same GitHub that it was before... but now it will be pronounced "CodePlex".


LOL. Although, Microsoft has announced they're shutting down CodePlex, and encouraging all the devs on there to move to GitHub. Some (those using Mercurial) will no doubt move to Bitbucket instead.

I guess this is now officially The Great Version Control Service Migration of 2018?



I keep my dotfiles on GitHub and yesterday I noticed they've turned into a C# console project which displays an animated ASCII art of Bill Gates laughing. Bill Gates isn't even affiliated with Microsoft anymore so I was pretty confused.


I think the acquisition will be done later this year, only thing that is different now is a bug :))

css :))


I've noticed this animated paper-clip coming up when I'm trying to merge a PR and asking me if I need any assistance in messing up my code ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Your shruggie is missing an arm. You need to write it like this:


The first two backslashes are the left arm (one is the actual backslash, while the other escapes it). The third backslash escapes the underscore (which is part of the Markdown syntax). The last one, all on its own, is to escape the other one.


Microsoft has announced intent to buy. The deal has not been completed yet, unless I missed that announcement.

Won't be able to answer the question until after Microsoft finishing buying GitHub.


Confirmed and agreed - doesn't mean deal signed. There was a nice podcast recently on this topic - both companies are declared their intent but because of regulations - this deal yet to be approved IIRC.

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