Free / Open Source Server Monitoring & Alerting?

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I have a server provided by SSD nodes which I use for my business website along with a few small node.js applications. At the moment due to the size of these projects I have the web, app and database layers all hosted on the same single server. Whilst I have automated most tasks for managing this server I currently have no single simple view of its resource allocation nor any monitoring/ alerting in place if things go downhill.

I'm on the lookout for any free/open source monitoring and alerting applications. I've used Webmin in the past I'm not 100% confident it covers this area fully.

Any options put forward are appreciated!

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pretty much is the leader in your targeted search, and Nagios.

Speaking of stats and metrics, OpenCensus tries to create a standard protocol with the major players in the industry (including prometheus)

As a tip, I recommend you to join the "dark side", docker, containers and cloud. You do not need to waste time anymore on provisioning infrastructure and calculate the hardware requirements, everything should be automated and scaled by itself.


You should definitely take a look at the prometheus stack

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