Netlify.. Any competition in the market?

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An open question!

Has anyone seen any alternatives to Netlify? It seems to be quite a unique offering with its CI capabilities mixed in with hosting. I've seen a few alternatives related to dropbox such as and also some related to github, but we currently use GitLab for our private version control.

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I love Netlify and how great their service works and I use it for all my static pages now.
Since I am already happy with their offers, I haven't tried any alternatives products, but I have heard other people recommending surge. Google's Firebase also offers hosting and search results show quite a few other solutions available.


I've been keeping a list of static site CDN and hosting services.

Shameless plug: Take a look at for an open source alternative. Self-hosted or as a service. Built on top of the brand new native HTTP/2 support in Node.js. It supports server push, cache manifests, and other cutting edge tech. WIP.

Edit: Updated name and URLs to Commons Host.


Thanks! Curiosity. Wanted to play with server push ever since SPDY. This has been a long-running side project. I'm starting to use it to serve a few real websites. Much lazier, and more performant, to set up a few simple push manifest rules than doing a full-blown webpack setup.


Netlify looks pretty brilliant. I haven't had a reason to dive in with it but it seems really well done. Not sure if it's totally apples to apples but Zeit Now comes to mind.


Netlify is superior for static sites, Now isn't even close to the same performance that you'll get with Netlify (or other CDN). Even compare their own site to one with a CDN, it's night and day

Bottom line, use the right tool for the job! There's no reason to use something designed for dynamic apps for static sites.


Possibly Zeit might have upgraded there CDN now, it's much faster now compared to all others i compared now except


Quick plug: lets you upload static files to a really fast static serving CDN, and has a lot of features that Netlify offers, such as SSL and support for your own TLD. There are a lot of other features on the roadmap, and I would love some feedback as to what functionality you're looking for.

Right now we're trying to build a scalable way to provide DB functions, as well as support for middleware and CI/CD from Github.


I noticed no one mentioned Cloud Cannon -
I like them because clients and non-techies can use their 'editable' tools. This really helps make it good for agency work and standing out from the pack.


I have been using Netlify for sort of testing environment, but my actual publishing is on GitHub + Cloudflare.
I read Netlify offers all the features from cloudflare, But I can't place option to cache assets and some other small features. Can you help with make a choice? Thanks.

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