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Infinite Waves
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AI Fundamentals Series: a basic Artificial Intelligence definition

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Below is a broad, high-level definition that actually breaks down into two definitions (its definitions all the way down ).

The definition was constructed by Jeremy Kepner and Vijay Gadepally, course instructors at MIT (source below).

Narrow AI: The theory and development of computer systems >that perform tasks that augment for human intelligence such >as perceiving, classifying, learning, abstracting, reasoning, >and/or acting.

General AI: Covers the scope of narrow AI but is fully >autonomous.

Today this is possible because of the convergence of High Performance Computing, Big Data, and Computer Algorithms.

AI Series posts

Within this ecosystem (Infinite Waves) of Artificial Intelligence discovery and comprehension there will be off-shoots to explain some of the conceptual underpinnings of AI. Exploring different branches of AI in an attempt to produce the fullest possible picture of the Artificial Intelligence tree. History, companies, people, algorithms, new developments, and likely roots the field will take.

These off-shoots will be called series. The present series, AI Fundamentals, is about digging to the essence of AI, conceptually. Providing explanations, definitions, and general theoretical understanding.

The start here is but a simple seed, with the intention of growing increasingly more detailed and comprehensive in subsequent posts.


MIT RES.LL-005 Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning, IAP 2020

Instructors: Jeremy Kepner, Vijay Gadepally

Reproduced from my AI newsletter post:

AI Fundamentals Series: a basic Artificial Intelligence definition #2

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