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How to use Telegram as notification channel for application monitoring

Hi, I'm Valerio, founder and CTO at Inspector.

I'm so happy to share with you the last product updates for your preferred Code Execution Monitoring platform 😊.

New Telegram notification channel

Telegram is now available as a notification channel to receive alerts about the status of your application directly in your telegram chat on your phone or desktop app.

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To enable the Telegram channel you just need to retrieve the telegram user_id of each user you want to attach to this channel.

Take a look at the documentation for the step by step process:

New CodeIgniter integration library

The CodeIgniter integration library has recently been published on our official repository. This is a community library maintained by Prysis, a software house based in South Africa.

We invite you to check out the code and propose your improvements publishing a pull request. It's an open source project as well as the other integration liraries.

Contribution guidance

We are updating the contribution guidance to help more developers in our community to publish improvements on integration libraries and embrace the transparency of the open source model even more.


The new "Metrics" section is now available in the documentation. You can learn more about the technical characteristics of the metrics generated by the dashboard.

We are now using the 75th percentile to calculate trend metrics. Based on the Core Web Vitals guidelines the 75th percentile helps developers qualitatively understand whether the experience of their application is "good", "needs improvement", or is "poor".

Click here to read more from the official article about percentiles.

Market focus

After six months of hard work to explore new opportunities in the enterprise segment of the market, we have decided to focus 100% on helping small and medium-sized software development teams.

Large companies require continuous customizations and private installations that are not part of our DNA.

Our goal is to become the reference Code Execution Monitoring tool for software developers around the world. We aim to build a product with solid technical foundations that is capable of making a positive impact in the lives of as many developers as possible.


If you are an Inspector customer yet, thank you for being part of this journey 😀. Otherwise if you want help your team to monitor your applications in real-time, register your account for free now.

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