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How to Know Thy User

More often than not, the person using an application is represented by an icon that’s profoundly vague. It's a monotone stamp, devoid of any expression or recognizable features. This icon could not be further from the truth. The User is a unique individual with their own set of expertise and experience. They think. They feel. They probably drink less coffee than I do.

So I'd like to hear your feedback on how you go about getting to know thy user.

  • How do I best communicate with my hallowed Users and develop a relationship with them that's advantageous towards my goals?

  • What is important for me to know about them? Monitor size? Blood type? Favorite band? What, no matter the project, is essential knowledge? What else falls under the "it depends" category?

  • Which tools are available to make this process awesome for everyone? What is a "must-have" for creating that link between you and the User group?

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