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Deploy Telegram Bot to Heroku For Free | Telegram Bot Development | Part 5

Telegram bot development using node.js and Telegraf API.

Step by step guide:

GitHub logo ishan0445 / telegraf-telegram-bot-deploy

Telegram bot deploy steps for Telegraf API using micro-bot

Steps to host your Telegram bot


  • Create a Telegram bot with Telegraf API.
  • Create account on Heroku.
  • Install Heroku CLI.
  • Install and setup git.
  • Add micro-bot to the project
    npm install micro-bot --save
  • Remove Telegraf dependency from package.json.
  • set the start command in package.json
    "main": "index.js"
    "scripts": {
    "start": "micro-bot"
  • Make cahnges in the code
    • Change the telegraf import to
      const { Composer } = require('micro-bot')
    • Create bot from Composer:
      const bot = new Composer
    • Finally remove bot.launch() line instead use:
      module.exports = bot
  • Init a new git repo:
    git init
  • make .gitignore file with following content:
  • Login to Heroku:
    heroku login
  • Create a Heroku app:
    heroku create
  • Update Heroku config
    heroku config:set --app YourAppId BOT_TOKEN='YOUR BOT

What you will learn:

  • Intro to Heroku, git and micro-bot npm package
  • Deploying to Heroku
  • Testing Bot after deployment
  • And a lot more...


  • Please watch previous parts
  • Basic Programming (everything will be taught from basics).
  • Telegram Account.

Example Bot:
Search for @covid_19_india_bot on telegram or click here

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