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Ishan Tiwari
Ishan Tiwari

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Django vs Mern Which one to choose?

Many people take a lot of time to think about which web framework to choose for their next website. Here is a guide to help you choose the one most suitable for your next project.


If you want to create a good looking website fast and with ease go with django. In my opinion django is the best web framework you can choose for blogs, newsletters and other applications.
People often call it the web framework with batteries included batteries for user authentication, models, emails, testing and a whole lot of them. I myself have built full fledged websites in django within days. If speed is all you want nothing is better than django.


Mern stands for MongoDB, Express, React and Node.
If you want to build a perfectionist website like a social media app, a nice community website like the one you are reading this post in mern has got you covered.
The best features of mern is that you can drop react and choose any framework like react native, flutter, angular or even build a desktop application with c++ and the backend won't even care.
You can create multiple things like a website with react and a android and ios app with react native, but it would take slightly more time.

Final thoughts

If you have to create a website like a blog application or a e commerce app FAST django should be your choice but if you aren't hurried and want to create a big application then mern should be your choice both slow and complicated.

Top comments (5)

baelhj profile image
Baelhadj Babaali

Hey, thank you for this info. but I'm struggling with this

  1. node.js faster than django
  2. django more secure
  3. django can't work with mongodb (which is better than postgersqlm, in my opinion)

plus I'm new to web dev, I was building scrapers and some automation with python. but now, I'm learning web dev with freecodeCamp, but I want to know which is better for getting a job. Thanks

adeyinkarelate profile image

Thank for your help, but you can build social media app with Django, so I will go to the speed

ishanpro profile image
Ishan Tiwari Author

Yes, plain Django with some css library like bootstrap or materialise will also work. If you want to ship fast.

kquirapas profile image
Kristian Quirapas

Thanks for this post! I was wondering about this too!

ishanpro profile image
Ishan Tiwari Author

Glad to help you... 😀😀

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