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Best Atom Packages Top 10 ATOM Recommended Packages in 2018


Here are a top 10 ATOM recommended packages.

This post is curated by IssueHunt that a issue-based bounty platform for open-source projects.

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1. Emmet


Make your HTML and CSS code easier than ever with Emmet package which allows you to use abbreviations in your designing code. It helps you to write complex structures into short text strings.

2. Linter


Here is a complete list of linter on There are different linters for every language. You need to install a specific linter for your language. Basically, it is a tool that is used to analyze source code.

3. Atom Beautify


Atom Beautify package is here to make your code more clear and readable. You can beautify your selected portion of the text or a whole file with this package. There is no doubt that a clean, readable code base makes development easier and that’s exactly what this package does. This package is used in various development languages such as:HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, Java, C, C++, Objective-C, CoffeeScript etc.

4. Teletype


Let's share your workspace with team members and collaborate your work in real time with Teletype. It helps you to increase your knowledge by share your code with another programmer. It is the best way to know the techniques of your senior that how they tackle the different situations.

5. Git-Plus


Now take various Git actions with the help of shortcodes without switching to the terminal. Simply type cmd + shift + h or ctrl + shift + h. Now you can run every single Git command without using Terminal by using Git Plus package.

6. Highlight Selected


Now it is easy to keep the track of all occurrences of a word within the current file by selecting it by using highlight selected Git package. elect a word by double-clicking it and see where else it is used.

7. File-Icons


This package helps you to organize your files in a more systematic way by giving you the extension of adding colorful file-icons. It will help you to find files in the tree and keep the overview. You can also resize the icons according to your own requirement.

8. Pigments


Now dealing with color codes in CSS file is not difficult anymore with pigment package. It scans your CSS file and detects all color codes.

9. Open Recent Files/Folders


Open recent closed files or folders with this package make easy to start work fast without any delay.

10. Auto-close HTML


Auto-close HTML tag helps you to close open HTML tags in case you forgot to close.

it doubles your markup creation velocity! The package allows you to define which tags should complete inline like <p></p>.

Boost Note for Teams

We’ve revealed a new collaboration wiki service called BoostHub.

It will be a collaboration version of Boost Note but much more powerful. The feature, called “Custom Blocks”, will let you make custom react components, integrated with various 3rd party app apis like Github and Trello, and embed them into markdown contents like MDX.

To know more, please check this slide.


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