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VS Code vs. WebStorm: A Comparison

Everyone has a clear IDE preference and lately I've been using both VS Code and WebStorm. Here's why:

VS Code

  • Free & open-source

  • It's customizable, multi-language, fast & lightweight

  • VS Code combines modern editing & debugging with code assistance and navigation


  • Highly comprehensive and intelligent

  • Makes running, debugging, and unit testing of Node.js apps easy

  • Great code refactoring & auto importing


  • WebStorm gives you the majority of the features you'll need whereas with VS Code, you'll end up installing some extensions manually

  • WebStorm has amazing Git merge tools that provide for great visualizations of the Git diff changes, making merging complex changes a whole lot easier

  • WebStorm tracks all file changes out of the box & enables the inspection of file histories, directories & rollbacks

  • VS Code is lightweight, making it ideal for remote development & fast prototyping

Tl;dr VS Code is open-source, fast & lightweight and WebStorm maximizes code inspection and refactoring.

What's your IDE of choice?

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spotnick profile image

Working close with Azure und Microsoft Tech in general I find that VSCode provides a better integration to Microsofts ecosystem than any other IDE. I tried Webstorm a few times but I never got really warm with it. But as always its mostly personal preferences :-)

manuartero profile image
Manuel Artero Anguita 🟨 • Edited

I've been using VSCode since its beta version. I decided to master it above other IDEs (like WebStorm) cause 2 reasons:

  1. I love simplicity. I don't like having extra buttons (export test results to .pdf was a thing!) I prefer the vscode philosophy: "if you need something, call for it using the command palette or install the plugin" over the contrary: "you have all the options available, choose yours" which leads to endless sub-menus.

  2. I love customization. the direct approach from VSCode (a bunch of json files) is more transparent than in-app panels.

olierxleben profile image
Oliver Erxleben

While language servers are quite good nowadays I prefer IntelliJ IDE features. I like the UI a bit more than VS Code (it looks alien on OS other than Windows). Most the tools I use are bundled within Webstorm and I almost don't need any extra stuff.

siy profile image
Sergiy Yevtushenko

VS Code "fast & lightweight" only when it is started first time, without any plugins. Being equipped with plugins to reach comparable to WebStorm functionality, it does not make such an impression anymore.

navotgil profile image
Gilad Navot

Did anyone buy Webstorm privately?
I can understand if you get it from your company but it seems unlikely anyone would actually be paying his own money for it

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️

SublimeText - been using it since version 2. VSCode just seems to be a slower, more memory hungry copy of it

curiousdev profile image

I also like VS Code, but would give Webstorm a try. The git integration of VS Code could be better or what do you think?