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python-cron-migration | cronjobs managing

hey guys.

just published my new package:

the package helps developers to add/remove cronjobs with python by revision files which are composed through CLI

You can find more info on Medium:

I will be happy to hear what do you think.
Enjoy :-)

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Shane Harter

I like this concept, nice work.

I took a look at how you're writing out the crontab. There are some benefits to using the crontab command to perform the edit, specifically syntax validation -- ensuring the whole cron file doesn't get borked.

This is how I did it for CronitorCLI (this is Go, but the python code using Subprocess would look pretty similar)

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itaybardugo • Edited

hey Shane.
Thank you for your comment and for you suggestion with your example as well as.
I will check it out.