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Learn fullstack GraphQL

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  • Building a GraphQL Server using Node.js and Express
    In this first part, we get to know GraphQL and how we can use node.js, Express and a library called express-graphql to build a GraphQL server. We also get to know GraphiQL a tool that renders as a web page that lets us interact with our server by helping us construct queries and mutations and get the results displayed for us

  • Creating a GraphQL Server with Apollo In this second part we learn how to use the framework Apollo to build our GraphQL server. Apollo comes mega packed with features so if you are serious about GraphQL it's worth a look

  • Consuming an Apollo GraphQL server using React
    In this third part, we look at how we would actually use GraphQL for real by first building a SPA, a single page application in React and then call our server. We learn how we construct queries and mutations but also how we use more advanced features such as polling.

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