How do you split contenteditable text preserving html formatting? [solved]

itsarnavb profile image Arnav Bansal ・1 min read

I'm using contenteditable divs to represent paragraphs in my editor. I've implemented most of the usual editing features

Splitting paragraphs breaks when any HTML formatting is involved.

For example, adding a space and hitting enter results in


Of course, ' ' being a single character that represents a space.

Solution (Update)

Okay I figured it out.

innerHTML and innerText aren't useful for DOM manipulation.

However, the selection and ranges API is great for this. extractContents automatically splits elements without breaking markup.

function splitNode(selection, root) {
  let range = selection.getRangeAt(0);
  let {firstChild, lastChild} = root;

  let previousRange = document.createRange();
  previousRange.setStart(firstChild, 0);
  previousRange.setEnd(range.startContainer, range.startOffset);

  let nextRange = document.createRange();
  nextRange.setStart(range.endContainer, range.endOffset);
  nextRange.setEnd(lastChild, lastChild.length);
  return {
    previous: previousRange,
    current: range,
    next: nextRange,

let ranges = splitNode(document.getSelection(), contentEditableDiv);
let nextFragment = ranges.next.extractContents();


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