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Arnav Bansal
Arnav Bansal

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I'm upgrading a React frontend that's an year old. My current process is slow and painful. How could I speed it up?

I'm working on a React 15 project that compiles in Node 6, and am updating it to React 16/Node 10.

My current process: I use npm outdated to find old packages and update them to newer versions. I run npm install after that, and then load the frontend with webpack.

I've found that there are several packages that might be deeply interdependent, and updating one without making changes or updating other packages breaks the frontend with an error in 'linkClass.js'

I'd appreciate any help.

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Darkø Tasevski

Do you need new features from some lib? If so then update only that lib.

Otherwise, I really only care about major versions of the packages that are essential to my app, like React, Babel, React-Router, Redux, Webpack... And those don't update their major versions that often, and usually they have some sort of migration guide.

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Md Abu Taher

For easy projects, React codemod helped me a lot on upgrading some of my stupid projects.

And most other projects that have deep dependencies are almost left alone untouched because of the time it will consume.