How can a QA help out during Hacktoberfest?

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I'm stuck at 3/4 (and willing to go over 4) but I can't think of a good way to utilize my skillset rather than just taking the good first-timer issues away from new devs.

My specific thoughts for me, but the question in the title can hold for any QA:

My day-to-day is in Jasmine, so I might be able to find a JS project and clean up unit tests, but most of my work is in feature verification. It's not really realistic to jump in out of nowhere and start writing end-to-end tests when you don't actually know what the requirements are or what a good regression suite to tie into CI would need to look like.

So what should a QA do to be most helpful during Hacktoberfest?

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Some ideas:

  • Adding documentation around how to run the tests in a repo
  • Adding the tests to the CICD pipeline if they're not already there
  • Improving reporting so the it's easier to understand the tests
  • Clean up the existing tests to make them more stable/reusable.
  • Find an older Jasmine add-on and update it
  • Add in a tool like Sauce Labs to allow the tests to run on various browsers

Great question. I find as a tester, who tested first and was introduced to coding later, having a good set of examples of code implementation or up to date docs in the readme was critical to my success.
There are many repo's and libraries that I started with and just couldn't use, or get off the ground due to lack of 'how to use it'. I brought this up with other developers and they mentioned, just go read the code, but at that time in my career, I had no idea what was happening in the code. This is a great place to start in my opinion.


This is also very true. @itsasine a good example of a very well documented codebase is Dev itself.

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