Can I see your desktop home screen

Saurabh Sharma on February 21, 2018

As always, I'm interested in what other guys are doing with their tools. This time I just wanted to see your desktop home screen. Here is mine [Read Full]
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This is the ideal desktop home screen. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


Do you have another social networks so we could talk ?


man, I love this \m/
and once in a while I create a folder titled exodus_desktop_YYMMDD and move all the clutter in it :D


Use the command:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false;killall Finder

To hide all those icons.

You're welcome.


Depending on a file I might just do a search within Finder to look for it. Eventually, all memes/funnies go into a folder and things look nicer for a week or two.


@walker , is your desktop still in it's peak form? If so, you've gotta share.


Here's something I made for a clutter like this.

Just put the .py file on your desktop and run it from terminal --> python

Thank me later.


Wow, Here is a tool I built and open sourced to help organise you desktop, Please feel free to help with it :)


I try to keep mine pretty empty, just a bit of clutter here. Also I had to join the "Starman" fad.



I can't find the original source on DeviantArt anymore ☹️ but here it is


Here is my desktop! I have a vertical monitor for my code and the other is just regular :). I use Ubuntu desktop. I am thinking about changing to a different distro if anyone has different suggestions.


It's made by DigitalOcean's illustrators. Extremely talented people. Here is an imgur link with every single one they have done (including the java one you see here).


I use a tiling window manager (i3gaps) so I don't have a home screen, it's just a blank reddish space until I start something.



Gnome3 + Tint2, no idea how to put icons on my desktop ..
Wallpaper downloaded from


Hit the super key, type Tweaks, there'll be a Tab called Desktop, you can activate desktop icons there (just in case that wasn't a joke :) )


It is a combination of small tweaks:

You'll need Rainmeter (for the time display), translucentTB (see-through taskbar) and here some links for the wallpaper and the icons that I made.




It is a combination of small tweaks:

You'll need Rainmeter (for the time display), translucentTB (see-through taskbar) and here some links for the wallpaper and the icons that I made.




Your icons are pretty cool. I downloaded them from the link that you gave. Can you provide the link where you got them from?


I can't seem to find the link but for most of them I had to download the png icon and then I just made it white and used those for the icons.


My work laptop is all screenshots of bugs, one small folder of stuff, and a case-sensitive volume. My desktop at home is a lot messier than this (and my actual desk is a nightmare).

Work Desktop


Here is mine: (Falcon Heavy 😍)

My desktop

You may be wondering how my Desktop is so clean... Well, I use this command (for Mac only):

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false;killall Finder

It means that all the stuff on your Desktop will no longer show up! (but still be accessible from Finder)


Windows usually have left click menu for them.


I'm a little late to the party but here's my homescreen:


Can you please share this wallpaper. It's amazing :)


The artist's dribble: Mikael Gustafsson
And the background: Also from dribble

BTW found it by googling the image that Amit shared :D


I'm boring. I find the desktop picture distracts me. So here you go. Solid grey. Old school.

A boring desktop picture


Low ram usage, super stable, full of developer tools. xubuntu is the one for me :)



which package do you use for this application bar on the top?


It’s called Plank. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu (or any other Debian-based distro):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/stable
sudo apt update
sudo apt install plank

Nice, it's more beautiful than the Plank I've seen before. I'll try it on again, thanks!

Cool! I forgot to mention that the icons I’m using are from the Numix Circle package, you should try it too, it looks pretty good with Plank 😬


NetBeans, yay!
IE is still there?
And calc.exe too? I find google better than calc.exe.
You have Chrome and FF on both desktop and taskbar. Why?


Lol, I agree, it looks like a mess. Right now, netBeans is my IDE. I'm trying Visual Studio Code, but the majority of my work is developed under Windows and, I kinda like it. Besides that, we don't use the most top-end technogolies (we don't even use git), so it works for me as is.
Calc is just a fast solution bringer. It's a custom.
Regarding to CH and FF, I used to use FF as my personal web browser and CH as my development browser. I loved FF extensions in his time. Now things has changed, but FF still remembers lots of my pswds. I'm migrating everything to CH but it will take some time. By now, I still use boths, but Chrome is gaining terrain.



Slapped in a random dark wallpaper to make my launcher bar not be the default purple. I rarely put anything on the desktop dir.


the knight seems cool. where did you get the wallpaper?


You can easily imagine mine. It is a black screen with no icons.

I pretty much never see my desktop, so there's no need to waste any memory/compute resources to render pictures, or to put icons there which never get touched. I have very frequently used apps pinned to task bar (about 6 programs). Semi-frequently is pinned to the start menu. Less frequently than that, I just search. I didn't intentionally structure things this way, it just naturally settled into that.

When I was a PC tech, I would periodically reformat my computer and start over. So I learned not to get too invested in my computer setups.


I'm using a stock Mac wallpaper 🙈

Andy's wallpaper

I've never gone and actually putting up a cooler wallpaper, but I always appreciate those who do.


Beginner Dev here :D.
Background name: Firewatch Arc
Theme Arc by niivui
Home screen consists of some rainmeter skins - Lano-Visualizer and Nougat Clock. Program for transparent taskbar is TranslucentTB
My desktop Arc


I almost never see my laptop's desktop. I tend to either cmd+tab through my open programs, use Alfred to launch apps, or rely on Finder to open/view/move files. I honestly can't remember the last time I viewed the normal "desktop."

That said, I do use a second monitor both at home and at the office. I used to have Tweetdeck open at all times, but ended up finding it too distracting. Now I only use the second monitor when I have specific ad-hoc work that helps make my workflow more efficient (usually doing something in another browser window, Excel, etc).

I now like to have a clean / minimalist / dark background on the second monitor, since it's squarely in my line of sight all day. I use a dark wood background I found online. The only program I usually have open is a simple Timer app. If I'm ever lacking motivation to do something, I'll usually "challenge" myself to make as much progress as I can in — say — 15 minutes, which helps break me out of the rut.

My desktop background


I second that... So I never understood the fascination about desktops... 🤷🏻‍♂️



Needless to say, I don't like having anything at all on my desktop. I want to bask in the glory of whatever background I put :3 my linux distros same way.


my desktop was hidden deep under the open programs, and the last time i saw it that close was in november or something. but my windows pc's desktop is a lot more popular: i hoard all the files i work with on the right monitor so at least the right monitor is always free of open windows.


KDE 5 + Latte Dock

Going for a hybrid GNOME Shell / Unity look.

Me Desktop


There has to be a few KDE users like me out there right? Solidarity!


Super simple, the background can be downloaded from

The apps on the dock are Chrome, Hyper, VSCode, GitHub Desktop, Steam, Postman and Sketch.


Of course you can! I went the extra mile with this one :P





Hope you like it!


I don't like icons on my desktop either, but I place ebooks that I have to read on it. It forces me to read to get a cleaner desktop haha.



I'm affraid I can't. I use unsplash wallpaper for mac, so this is a random image from there. You can check to download it or check all images available.


This kid put smile on my face every time i open my desktop :p



I know this is an old thread but I just found my favorite wallpaper

Other than that, the desktop is almost never used. At the moment all my screenshots are auto saved in there (I keep meaning to change location). All the junk (eventually including screenshots) are on the Downloads folder

But, that wallpaper ... I'm so proud to have come across it :)


this thread is old

But still i see comments


I use an awesome little Mac app called "WallCat" which sets a random desktop every day on any/all of your monitors. Really nice - even tho I hardly get to see it :P



I use IFTTT and Dropbox to grab my most recent Instagram pic, and have command-line programs to set the desktop to an arbitrary JPG, which is is in my Dropbox folder. Well, JPG is required on Windows.


Ubuntu Unity + Arc-flatfabulous theme + Paper icons



Just simple, green to calm, dock and menu bar autohide. I am always surprised why most of you and ppl around me losing workspace in the cost of these.

Schovi's desktop


Here's mine :)
Some years ago I used always RocketDock , but now I dropped, not sure why... I think I don't need it, or isn't practical since my setup is laptop on table, and second monitor upper the laptop monitor...
RocetDock is nicer when the monitors are side by side.

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Hi devs,

My main computer is running under xUbuntu, so a dark/transparency version of xFce and no need of desktop icons. Each one of the 4 virtual desktops available on mouseWeel-scroll have different wallpapers.

Had experienced some times with Docky, a desktop dock with icons on the bottom of the screen, but really non need either. The fav' apps list in the main menu is enough, plus the search box.

Tastes, colors, etc are all personal and as long it works for you with your setup cool. That's just mine at that moment.



This website is not a fan of 5K displays, so I had to resize it a bit. :)

Kosta's Desktop


This is mine. There isn't too much to see.



Rather clean Ubuntu Unity desktop

My Ubuntu/Unity desktop is rather clean, my Windows desktop is a mess though...


My colleagues say it's not a true developer desktop. I don't have any shortcut on it. (I use the Windows Start Menu Tiles and folders to organize my shortcuts. in the left bottom corner is the folder of text editors and IDE's)


My colleagues say it's not a developer desktop. I don't have any shortcut on it. (I organize everything in Start Menu Live Tiles and folders. In the bottom left corner is the folder for text editors, development tools and IDE's)


A simple and clean desktop.
I don't like having too much stuff on my desktop, it cause me anxiety