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Kunal Agrawal
Kunal Agrawal

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Themes for Vs code IDE

Bored of same colors, themes in coding. check some new themes in vscode. As vscode is fully customizable - fonts, themes, icons.

Here are some recommended Themes you should check out.

  1. Monokai Pro
  2. Solarized Light
  3. One Dark Pro
  4. Atom Light

Steps to change theme

  1. Just press ctrl + shift + p, open visual studio command panel.
  2. Search for : Preferences: Color Theme.
  3. Select your desired theme.

That's it, enjoy hacking πŸ˜ƒ

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Thomas Bonnet

Hello !
Probably better if you share this on VSCodeTips, part of the Forem network of communities dedicated to this IDE. You could find interesting topics, sharing about plugins and themes, and any other kind of topic around this software.

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Kaan Kuscu

If you love purple, You can try my theme: kPurple πŸ‘