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Best productivity tools for web developers

Productivity tools make developer life easy by automating routine tasks, helping in repetitive things, making software build, ship faster, etc... Of course, a developer day is not easy without these productivity tools. So in this blog, let's see some of the best productivity tools for web developers.

Let's get started

1. GitHub Copilot

Copilot is currently had Technical Preview only.

GitHub Copilot

Copilot is your AI pair programmer means you don't need to search for another pair programmer to code together πŸ˜„. Jokes apart, this copilot is a powerful tool with its autocompletion and code suggestions - no more wasting time in docs, no more copying from StackOverflow.

Few things I like about copilot:

  • It gives suggestions for variables and function names (πŸ₯°).
  • If you are learning a new language it helps you to easily adapt to that language's best practices and naming conventions.
  • Helps with boilerplate code.
  • Code 10x faster.

2. VS Code

Wait, I am not going to talk about the VSCode desktop because almost every developer knows about it. Instead, I am going to talk about the VSCode browser version. It's very frustrating to go through the code of a Github repository because every file is a new link and if you have slow internet it loads super slowly.
So here is where the VSCode browser version helps.
Open any Github repo and replace .com with .dev - now see the magic. It opens the repo in VSCode so you can go through the code easily.

For example,

Replace with

3. Front-End Checklist

Front-End Checklist

Best productivity tool for front-end devs. Before deploying your website go through this checklist.

4. WakaTime


Some people don't care about how they are spending their coding time but it helps to understand how you are utilizing your time like what projects you are mostly focusing on, what languages you are spending more time on. For example, let's say you are learning a new language and you set daily goals like how much time you want to spend on that language. By tracking your time you can prioritize your tasks.

5. HoppScotch


HoppScotch is an open-source alternative to the postman. API testing is a crucial part of building RESTAPI. You can test API's with your browser but you will also realize how hard it will be if you're testing a big API. Here comes HoppScotch to rescue you. You can test API's with hopscotch without any effort.

6. LambdaTest


You made a website and you want to test it in different browsers because some browsers don't support some functionalities. So you don't install all different browsers to test your website, right? Here comes LambaTest - test your website on 3000+ browsers.

7. Animator by Haiku


Haiku Animator β€” a design tool for creating UI animations, Lottie files, and interactive web components.

If you are a designer who loves code then Haiku is for you.

8. Sass


How this is a productivity tool πŸ€”? Yes, this is a productivity tool because no one wants to waste their time writing repeated and ugly CSS. With Sass's Variables, Nesting, Partials, Mixins, Modules, Inheritance, and Operators you can do more styling with less CSS.

What other great productivity tools do you know? Share in the comments.

Hope you find these useful!

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Abdul Qoyyuum

I would think planning is important as any to determine your productivity or not. Something like Jira or Github Projects and linked with Trello.