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Rakesh Potnuru
Rakesh Potnuru

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Tools I use from design to deployment, testing and setting up analytics

In the previous blog, we came to know the flow of building a full-stack application. Throughout building an application we use so many tools that makes our life easy. So in this blog, I will share all the tools I use from setting up the stage to submitting your site to search engines.

Let's get started

Note: I will keep updating this article.

Setting up

Setting up includes IDE, planning the project, management app.


  • All rounder VSCode
  • Webstorm for backend or plain javascript projects.(Please don't use for frontend)
  • Notepad++ for quick editing.

Planning the project

  • ClickUp is amazingly useful for project management. It has lots of features and a great UI.


Operating systems

  • I am not yet into Linux, so for now I use Windows for development.


  • As I am not into UI/UX I use UI kits or simply take inspiration from dribbble, Behance etc.

  • Then I use Figma to customize those designs according to my needs.


Branding includes deciding a colour palette, font family, logo etc.



I primarily use two browsers.


Screenshot 2022-01-24 205812.png

Backend and database




Rank up


  • Google Analytics to track details like the number of website visitors, which pages are getting popular, how far my website reached.
  • Microsoft Clarity - this thing has even more features like heatmaps where you can see where the users are clicking.

🚨 Need your feedback

I recently deployed my portfolio website. Can you please visit once and give some feedback? It helps a lot.
(For feedback you can use the google form by clicking the "Feedback" button on the footer or simply leave a comment under this blog.)

Here is the link:

What is the one tool you can't live without(Apart from VSCode)? Comment below.

I write a new blog every week. So follow for more.

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