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How 'me' became 'us'

Hi! I'm Ian and I build apps that help entrepreneurs succeed.

I started programming at age 12 with simple game development using a visual programming language known as MMF2. It taught me the basics but the language is juvenile compared to most others so I eventually graduated to Java where I honed my skills a bit more.

I built nothing of note until I picked up web technologies (JS, HTML, CSS) and eventually Node.js where I began building my first successful project Somiibo: a social media automation platform. Somiibo was launched on November 20th, 2017, and would change everything for me.

The project took off with tens of thousands of signups and a few thousand paying users in just the first few months. I decided it was time to get serious so I started a company called ITW Creative Works to act as the parent company to Somiibo as well as all future projects.

After that, our company began building a diverse set of apps and tools including:

SoundGrail: A toolkit for musicians and DJs
Slapform: A form backend for web developers
Proxifly: A free https proxy API
Socialetto: An influencer search engine and database

I now run the company as my full-time job and manage the development of all of the above projects. At our company, we are constantly innovating and creating new things that make the world a better place and we have so much fun doing it!

Thanks for taking a second to hear my story and I hope we inspire you to build something great too!

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Konstantin Komelin

Hey Ian, Good to meet you.
I quickly looked at your projects. They wrapped really nice. You definitely have a lot to share with the community. Will subscribe to follow your updates.

iwiedenm profile image

Thanks Konstantin I appreciate it and I will be following your projects and journey as well :)