Got My First Pull Request Accepted and Merged

Holy Shit, I Made Something That Someone Else Was Like "Ya, that works."

Check out my tiny little commit to the repo here.

It's just a little 1 line change, but holy shit I'm excited.

Thanks Ben/ Team!

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Haha, first thing I ever did was correct an example in the w3c geometry module specification. Wasn't code (technically HTML I guess), and really all I did is post the issue that got fixed by someone else because I didn't know how to do that shit πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ but damn was I excited.

It is a great feeling! Can't wait to contribute more.

Great job!
I recently got my first PR merged to a google repo (!!!) and it felt awesome! It was the only thing I talked about for the rest of the day πŸ˜†
Mind you, it was just fixing a typo, but who knows what the next PR will be πŸ˜„


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It's a great feeling to help! :) Thank you for your contributions!

I remember making commits to documentation helping devs to understand concepts or a system so devs can use it more. :)

I do less code PR but put in recommendations for improvements or UX considerations or a suggestion for a fix.

Everything helps! :) Takes a team!

My first pull request was to one of the repos that looked for contributors. And I would only have found it thanks to

Best feeling ever, especially if the PR was for different Organization. ehhh

Open source is so incredibly amazing

Awesome man! Any tips for someone to start?

Just dig through repos. The Dev.To is a great one to start. Find a typo or something simple and fix it.

That's awesome! I can absolutely relate to that feeling when i had my first pr merged.

It does feel great! Can't wait to contribute to more things.

Congrats! I can't wait for a chance to add to the commons.

It's funny. I was just clicking around on the site, saw that the comments link on the article excerpts just linked directly too the article. The comments section already had an ID assigned to it, so it was just adding the anchor tag to the end of the link!

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