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I want to start coding a Pet Sitting app, but as usual the impostor syndrome is kicking in and I'm obsessing about the stack without having the basic requirements clear.

Aaaand, I just vented, sorry πŸ˜‚


Picking up side projects I haven't touched in a while. I need to catch up on my dev.to reading list and update my GitHub repo of notes and links to awesome articles.

I may look into more personal site resources for v2 of my portfolio site.

Setting up Netlify for my GitHub/GitLab Pages sites would be great, too.


If I wind up coding on the weekend, I don’t have any side projects, but it’s my time to work on whatever I want with regards to dev.to. No need to β€œprioritize”. Just code on whatever.


Not sure if I'll have time to work on code this weekend but if I do I'll be working on some more Rust projects. Specifically contributing the wasm-bindgen project!


A quick zero-code day Friday followed by a weekend of working on my CS Capstone project.


What's your Capstone project? Mine was a Jira app :)


It's a full-stack web app, though the main focus is on rigorous TDD and its effects on a software's lifecycle.

What exactly is a Jira app? Like the one from Atlassian?

Mine was a full-stack webapp that focused more on data visualization since my program was technically applied math. The visualization part was where Atlassian's Jira came in -- it displayed links between stories (like dependencies) in a D3.js network graph.


My wife is a homeschool teacher, and for several years I've been building (an rebuilding) a portal for her to manage her students' assignments and grades, and for the students to log in and view their own grades.

After 2 major iterations (both in Rails) I've finally landed on October CMS as the best choice for this. Eventually I'll write an article here about the generalized grade calculation algorithm I created,that I'm quite proud of how well it performs, even on ridiculously complicated gradebook schemas.

With school starting back up, I've been making a few UX tweaks to the front end and performance enhancements on the back end to make it easier for the students and their parents to use.


I'm working on creating an API rest in PHP for a project I'm developing together with a partner related to signups and schedules in a gym.


I'm going to learn to use firebase πŸ”₯ and socketio to build a side project!

Previous socketio side projects made last week:


I'm finishing off (hopefully) a university project which is a web-app using Python and Django. First time using either for me, enjoying what I've seen so far!


I've definitely been interested in learning Python to eventually learn Django. How are you liking it? What's your web app do?


Just a personal profile and blog - with admin login to create blog posts. Seems nice so far, I come from Scala to Python so the freedom on types is a big difference! As far as frameworks go, Django has really impressed me, intuitive to learn and has given me some great results.


Im working on nuxt.js / firebase app which i hopefully can release in less then 2 months :)


Well, will be working on packagetome.com, on the backend this time.

Need to write 'something' to delete all posted items from 30 days ago, and should cron-run each day.

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