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JavaScript Resources - Podcasts, Books, Videos and Tutorials

Whether you are new to developing or you are a seasoned software developer there are still some resources that can be useful or even just enjoyable to take a look at. After helping a friend by consolidating a few JavaScript specific resources, he mentioned sharing it with others. I may also put together some other articles that will include more resources for other technology I personally utilize and also stuff I listen to just for enjoyment like Hacker podcasts, addicting and exciting stories from those.

Resources JavaScript Development

Podcasts - All on Spotify

Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski are the hosts of this popular and growing Podcast. They are both FullStack developers and have their own tutorial sites and businesses. The podcast is very informative and fun.


Done by panels of experts and part of Changelog Podcast umbrella. This podcast can also be amusing at times but they will often dive deep into some more technical aspects of JavaScript so brace yourself.

Real Talk JavaScript:

John Papa & Ward Bell are the host. To be honest I haven't listened to enough of this Podcast to have an opinion yet. However, I would consider the hosts very knowledgable and look forward to listening more myself.


Kyle Shevlin the host of this Podcast likes to have guests to highlight the theme of this podcast, people who transitioned from one career into software development. Listening to these stories can even be emotionally charged and extremely interesting.

Eloquent JavaScript (free online):

Probably one of the most suggested JavaScript books I know of, it truly gives high-level examples explanations, then getting more deeply into the lower level technical aspects of the various parts of JavaScript. I think the goal being the reader writing "better" JS.

You Don't Know JS (by @getify ) (Free on GitHub):

This is Open Source GitHub book is one of those most comprehensive dives into JavaScript concepts out there. Are there others as comprehensive, yes, are they also free, open-source, ever on, probably not. Definitely, worth a look, I used it to understand 'this' in JS better...It well umm, helped.


Fun Fun Function:

So @mpjme who previously was a software engineer for Spotify found a new calling as YouTuber and teacher of things software development or even tech industry related. He is super fun to watch and a lot of the coding you can follow along too and learn a great deal.

Level Up Tuts:

Remember, well I also have used free tutorials from Scott Tolinski's site. Occasionally there will be ones released from the paid for version to free or just made specifically to be free. I think it's an awesome way to still help people and maintain a business model.

Dev Tips:

Another great YouTube channel dedicated to teaching, discussing and coding, also a lot of JavaScript. As of Recently Fun Fun Function and Dev Tip have been doing a lot of cross guesting and in my opinion a great addition to both shows!


Kahn Academy:

Not specific to JavaScript but overall lots of resources for computer science, physics, and mathematics

Code Signal:

Once they focused mostly on interview preparation and code challenges. Now they have become a full spectrum tutorial and learning center as well.


Full of great tutorials, small implementations that you are walked through. It is a great entry point for most of the technologies that are available on the free tier. Once completed it is a great jump off point into a small personal project.

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Raúl Sánchez

Thanks I was in need of new JS podcasts 🤘

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Jacob Evans

Oh, awesome! I plan on making another with more podcasts soon! I am super glad it was helpful. :)

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Cedric W

first time hearing about Code Signal, but it looks pretty dope. thanks for the resources.

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Jacob Evans

Oh, awesome! Glad to help.

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Bob McCann

Thank you very much!

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Jacob Evans

Glad to help! :)

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alguerocode • Edited

this website is useful for this topic:
is great resource collection for javascript