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Response: Have you ever felt completely helpless when facing down a coding problem?

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TL;DR Yes, it still happens on occasion. Especially when I am not in control of the dependency or surrounding issues of the problem at work. Be there for each other along this marathon journey.

Helplessness or imposter syndrome tended to happen far more often while I was at the coding Bootcamp. Even surrounded by hundreds of other learners going through the same struggle, even with all those people right next to you in the huge open space; tons of students, mentors, teachers and teacher assistants all around you... Yet I would still at times feel helpless, all the help you could ask for literally physically there for you and you still would feel alone and lost, sometimes convinced you can never do it.

Long story short tenacity and overcoming self-doubt with self-motivation (wherever you can get it from) was key to pressing forward. No matter how bad things got, no matter how hard, no matter the imposter syndrome... You Push Through! Let those support systems help you, let those friends and family tell you, you can do it regardless of how tired of hearing you think you are, let those mentors and teachers walk you through thinking models and processes, step by baby step.

Let's be here for each other, in our toughest moments, even if it's a whiteboarding practice problem or an enterprise level production defect.

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