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How to expose LocalHost to internet ? Easy way 📶

Have you ever wanted to show to your friends your awesome web page, API, etc. But you found that this project is running on localhost? 🤔

Well, there is a way to expose this localhost to the internet and get an https URL easy and for free 😎

For this we can use this app:


Ngrok give you the ability to expose a specific port of your localhost and share an http/https URL to your friends.

How to use

1.- Download Ngrok here and open it

2.- When you open first time the ngrok.exe it will be installed automaticaly, for use it you have to open a command prompt and type:
ngrok http PORT

in example, if we want to expose a web page and its server is running on port 8080, we will type:
ngrok http 8080
command prompt ngrok command
So when we run this command, we will get this:
Ngrok running process

That means we can copy this new URL and paste it on our browser and we could access to our page/api/etc from every pc, as if we were on localhost 😎.

We'll have 2 hours to expose our localhost, but don't worry, when this time get's over, we can re-run ngrok command and it will work again!!

If you liked this tutorial like it and follow me if you want! Thank you for reading

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Adalberto Prado

Im in love with ngrok!
It was very useful in a freelancing project with a friend 😎

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Jose Antonio Felix

Wow, It's awesome! Ngrok is cool 😎 :adaldev:

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Jose Antonio Felix