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Flask Buddy - simple Flask App management.

fluddy is an effective, lightweight and dependency-free command-line utility for managing, launching, updating and creating Flask Apps.

Flask is fast becoming the most popular web development framework for Python. Developers will typically manage multiple Flask apps individually where each app will rely on its own virtual environment - this can become time consuming when launching and updating multiple Flask Apps in development.

Flask Buddy (fluddy) allows developers to launch and update their individual Flask Apps through a simple Command-Line Interface. CLI functionality also allows developers to create a launchable 'Hello from Fluddy' Flask App and to add previously created Flask Apps to fluddy for painless launches and updates.

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Marko Shiva

Nice app might give it a try. It would be even better if I could provide my own skeleton for starting new projects. I mean something more then just a hello word app in flask.

If I could have my basic templates routes and modules already loaded with project start.

now when I think about this I might do that as project. :)

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Marko - thanks very much for the feedback.

As for including templates and skeletons when creating; the create module can be extended upon to include this. I'll add a feature that takes an extra argument (--skel) as a path to the skeleton / template and then creates the project with routes to match.

Many thanks again,