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Mevn-CLI, Light Speed setup for MEVN stack based apps

I'm pretty sure all of you guys would have gone through the pain of setting up your local environment just while getting started. The transition from Vanilla JavaScript to the modern day frameworks is a bit difficult for sure. This was the thought that led us to create Mevn-CLI

Alt Text

As from the docs, it is basically a CLI tool for getting started with the MEVN stack. It offers a super simple boilerplate template and additional utilities for building a MEVN stack based webapp. It takes away the hassle of setting up the local development environment which may become a nightmare especially for beginners who are just starting out.


We would love to hear out from the community. Take it for a spin and leave your thoughts down in the comments section. Also, contributions of any kind are warm welcome. Feel free to reach out :)

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