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My 2 favourites are Digital Ocean and Exoscale.

The Digital Ocean dashboard/interface is a joy to use. Feature rich and reasonably priced. And not forgetting the amazing support fr0m DO direct and their community.

The Exoscale dashboad/interface is a little more clunky but they really excell when it comes to security. If you have data protection or security issues - Exoscale is the go to team.


+1 for digital ocean, cost effective and quick to get up and running with


DO is a better choice among the two. Have you experienced using DO on the managed cloud hosting platform of Cloudways. Its a treat to use.


What kind of site are you building? What do you need from a host for your project to run?


Never tried it but seems quite cheap and with kinda same interface as Digital Ocean.

Maybe I will give it a try.


everything is good, except documentation ...
not well documented, but I managed to use Digital Ocean's docs 😂
they're kinda similar


Great, the support is good..
Price is good
Up time is good and it's even faster than digital ocean


For the best Managed Cloud Hosting experience of your business consider Cloudways.

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