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Grow your server by building these 5 Discord bots

Discord bots are awesome – they are very much like little helpers that can improve and grow your Discord server. You can transform your server into a truly awesome place to hang out by building and adding Discord bots to it. And as your server grows, it can become more challenging to manually manage and moderate it. Fortunately, moderation bots can help here too! We have handpicked some of the best Discord bot templates available on Autocode to help you improve and grow your server!

These bot templates are free and work right out of the box! The best part is that they are easily customizable with code to fit your Discord community needs and they come with amazing community support.

If you get stuck or want to customize any of these bots, you can reach out to a helpful community of 40,000 members on the Autocode Discord Server where someone is always willing to help.

Table of Contents:

  • Advanced Music Bot - Stream high-quality music from Youtube and Spotify with an audio player interface.
  • Basic Discord Music Bot - Stream tracks from Youtube with prefix commands
  • Basic Discord Economy App - Use prefix commands to give, steal, search, and gamble for money throughout the server
  • XMod App - Moderate your server with slash or prefix commands to warn, mute, kick and ban members
  • Advanced Ticketing System - Manage questions and requests in an efficient and organized manner
  • How to add bots to Discord
  • Support for adding Discord bots

1. Advanced Music Bot

One of our favorite features you can unlock via bots is music streaming! You can easily listen to music with friends while you game, stream, or work! If you're new to using music bots for your server, or if you're looking for a replacement for the Groovy Discord bot and Rythm bot, the Advanced Music Bot is just what you need!

Advanced Music Bot’s audio player interface

Advanced Music Bot Features:

  • Supports Spotify playlists, tracks, albums
  • Supports Youtube
  • 24/7 playback
  • Features a player menu with buttons similar to the popular Hydra bot for pausing/resuming, stopping, looping, and skipping through songs
  • Creates automatic queues of songs from the track links sent into the designated playlist channel
  • Displays upcoming tracks in the queue as well as the track cover image
  • Completely customizable with access to source code
  • Includes a video tutorial for guided setup
  • Free!

If you and your friends love streaming music from Youtube and Spotify then this is the perfect tool to increase activity on your server! Have your friends add their favorite songs to the queue and jam out together! Head on over to Autocode and try it out!

2. Basic Discord Music Bot

If you need a Discord bot that uses prefix commands to play music instead of an audio player, the Basic Discord Music Bot template is complete with the commands you need!

User Jacoblee93 invoking Basic Discord Music Bot with !play prefix command in a server

User Jacoblee93 invoking Basic Discord Music Bot with !enqueue prefix command in a server

Basic Discord Music Bot Features:

  • Play audio tracks from YouTube in a Discord voice channel of your choice
  • Easy setup and allows you to search for tracks or enter a direct YouTube link
  • Features system for queueing tracks in advance
  • Complete with the following prefix commands:
    • !play <query> ; - Play or search for a track
    • !play - Resume a paused track or play the latest track from the queue if the player is disconnected
    • !pause - Pause the currently playing track
    • !disconnect - Disconnect the bot from the voice channel
    • !queue - Retrieve the current track and queued tracks
    • !enqueue - Add a track to the queue
    • !skip - Skip currently playing track and play the next track in the queue
    • !clearqueue - Clear the current queue
    • !help - Bring up a help menu
  • Customizable with access to source code
  • Includes a video tutorial for building this Music Bot from scratch
  • Free!

Get your server jamming to the latest and best tracks with your customizable Discord Music Bot. Install it free!

3. Basic Discord Economy App

Build and grow a fun, interactive, and rewarding server with this Basic Discord Economy app template. Keep your community entertained as they use prefix commands to give, steal, search, and gamble for money throughout the server.

User Hnht invoking Basic Discord Economy App with .bal prefix command in a server

User MinkKRT invoking Basic Discord Economy App with .rob prefix command in a server

User Hnht invoking Basic Discord Economy App with .give prefix command in a server

Basic Discord Economy App Features:

  • Easy to set up currency system complete with the following commands:
    • !createbank - Register yourself and create a bank account.
    • !give <@user> $100 - Give a friend money from your account
    • !rob <@user> - Steal money from a friend. You may fail and lose money!
    • !search - Search for money
    • !gamble - Attempt to gamble and have a chance of winning, drawing, or losing
  • Features rate-limiting for search and rob command.
  • Easily add additional extensions including a leaderboard to view a list of users with the most money on your server + more
  • Completely customizable with access to source code
  • Free!

Encourage and grow engagement in your Discord server with the Basic Discord Economy App. Install it here!

4. XMod App

To prepare for the growth of your server you will want to install the Xmod App. This bot will give you and your server’s admins access to commands that will make it super simple to fight off spammers and abusive users.

XMod logging a banned Discord user, reason and name of the person invoking the command in an embedded message

XMod Features:

  • Easy to setup moderation bot with the following commands:
    • /ban <user> <reason> - will ban the mentioned Discord user.
    • /kick <user> <reason> - will kick the mentioned Discord user.
    • /mute <user> <reason> - will mute a Discord user by applying a mute role
    • /unban <user_id> - will unban a banned Discord user by id
    • /unmute <user> - will unmutes a Discord user by removing their mute role
    • /warn <user> <warning> - will send the mentioned Discord user a warning
  • Set up prefix, slash commands, or both!
  • The warned, kicked, muted, and banned user will receive a direct message
  • Includes a logging system to keep a record of who was banned, muted, kicked, and warned and by whom
  • Completely customizable with access to source code

Install the XModd app template and maintain a fun and enjoyable environment as your server grows with easy-to-use moderation commands!

5. Advanced Ticketing System

As your server grows you will notice that the number of questions you receive will increase! Thanks to the Advanced Ticketing System you will be ready to handle all questions and requests in an organized manner. This template is a free, open-source, and fully customizable alternative to popular paid bots like Ticket Tool, TicketsBot, and

Advanced Ticketing System’s panel with five buttons for giveaways, claiming rewards, reports and general help

Advanced Ticketing System features:

  • Reaction panels with Buttons - allow for your community members to open support tickets with a single click
  • Create tickets based on a topic including giveaways, claiming rewards, reports, and general help
  • Complete with slash commands - your moderators/admins can claim, rename, and close support tickets with a quick slash command
  • Transcripts - automatically saves a transcript of opened and closed tickets in a channel of your choice

Start managing support tickets in your server efficiently by installing this Discord bot template!

How to add bots to Discord

To install any one of these Discord Bot templates, first, make a free account at Autocode if you don’t already have one.

Read the instructions in the section of the template you’d like to use to create your Discord bot.

Once you read through the instructions and are ready to install, select the green Install Free button.

Install Free and View Source buttons displayed for every app template on

Finally, Link your Discord account by clicking the red required button. If this is your first time linking a Discord account on Autocode, select Link a New Resource. And follow the instructions in the popup window carefully as it will walk you through the following steps to create a Discord Application and link it to your Autocode account. Or watch the video here:

Support for adding Discord bots

I hope that you have found our top 5 Discord bots for improving and growing your server helpful! If you are interested in finding additional open-source templates for assigning roles, creating reaction roles, leveling systems, web dashboards, and scheduling events check out the templates published by our community here. If you come across any issues while installing or customizing these Discord bot templates, please join our Discord server and ask our #support-request channel. Or send a DM to janeth#2189!

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Steven Mcleod

Thanks for the share been looking for a Discord Bot for my monoGames that I am building and this article fits the bill and the discord you suggested - Thank You

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Janeth Graziani

Glad it's helpful! Let me know if you need help with anything!