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LF Fellow Noob :D

I finished my CS degree in 2019 but haven't coded barely at all and honestly felt my CS degree was a waste as they touched on a lot of languages but didn't go into depth on any of the concepts for it to be useful.

Looking for any fellow coders who are entry level and want to learn MERN to hold each other accountable and have someone else to pick each others brain when one of us inevitably get confused. :)

Also simply interested in any online communities that are similar. Just found this website tbh and it's great!

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Michel Petit Frère

Hey Joe 👋
A "169 year old developer" [Stephen Mischook on YT] once advised that a great way to start your journey is to brush up on your basics then jump into small projects you feel confident taking on. As for a stack, don't be picky start with plain Javascript, get comfy with Es6 js then move on to node.js basics then pick up React.js[for job purposes 😉] and lastly you can choose any backend of your choice[don't forget HTML, CSS]! As a plus I recommend John Smilga's courses on Udemy. [He has some featured courses on YouTube as well]