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Heroku Ruveal

Rails + React + Redux - Pt 10

I'm nearly ready to make the DRAGnet backend accessible while I continue work on the frontend. I decided to run with Heroku, largely because I found their documentation to be so good. The setup was really simple so I've tested it and pulled it back down while I put together some documentation.

Let's get started!

I had already installed the Heroku CLI onto my machine for a previous project- it was easy breezy.

heroku login

Because I had previously stuck with the 'sqlite3' gem when creating the Rails project, I needed to switch to 'pg' in the gemfile.

bundle install

With the database gem change I needed to update the config/database.yml file.

The Heroku documentation recommends setting up a welcome page, which I already had by a different name. The next step in their documentation is to store the project in git, which I had already already done.

I ran heroku create from the root directory then verified the remote was added with git config --list | grep heroku.

I deployed the code with git push heroku master and migrated the database with heroku run rake:db migrate.

I ran a dyno with heroku ps:scale web=1, checked the state of the dyno with heroku ps, then paid a little visit heroku open!

That's all folks!

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