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Chris Jarvis
Chris Jarvis

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HacktoberFest 2021

HacktoberFest is under way! It's been a busy morning PyGotham and HackroberFest. I started a CSS blog post. Then watched PyGotham till lunch time and joined Virtual Coffee for our HacktoberFest kickoff. The VC maintainers spoke on Open source and the Dan led the group through a couple sample PRs. He show what a contributor would see. Then should how a maintainer see and approves the PRs.
Captain Marvel with her fists together saying "Let's do this!"
But I'm ready to celebrate HacktoberFest by solving some issues.

How you found you a project to help yet?

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Bobby Iliev

Super excised for this!

This year I’ll be joining as a maintainer. I have 8 projects that I’m maintaining 🙌

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Nick Taylor

Let's go!

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